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Joyful Classrooms: You Can Have Joy and Achievement in Your Classroom

Thalia Malcolm

Thalia Malcolm

Hello my name is Thalia, an aspiring actor, writer, and philanthropist. I am a huge film buff and love baking and eating spicy foods. I aspire to visit every country in the world and document each experience. Welcome to the blog!


Education has become something of statistical analysis over the last several years. How high are a student’s test scores? How high are a teacher’s observation scores? How high are a school’s achievement growth scores?

While taking a good hard look at how our students are learning is an integral part of closing achievement gaps in classrooms, teachers are starting to feel the residual effects of our country’s singular focus on answering these questions. The heart of classrooms, that special something that makes a teacher and his or her students beat together for a year, has gone missing.

Brittany Cufaude, author of Lessons in Joy: The Journey to Save the Sacred Teaching Practice and Heal Our Hearts Along the Way, has been working in schools both as a teacher of children and a teacher of teachers. She has seen, first hand, the lost pieces in our classrooms and has dedicated herself to helping educators remember their calling and build on their own connection, curiosity and compassion.

There is a way to channel all the reasons you dreamed of becoming a teacher into a highly effective classroom where students show achievement growth. The two really can go hand in hand, and Brittany is offering a way to learn how to make it happen.

Become a Joyer!

Start by reading the book and learning the Joyer Journey Core Values:

  • Authentic Connection
  • Learning Obsessed
  • Team Interdependence

Then sign up for one of several courses that Brittany is offering to anyone involved in education ready to add some joy back into their classrooms.

  • The Joyers Basic Course is a self-paced class that brings you through each of the core values so that you finish a clear understanding of how to use this in your classroom.
  • Coaching with Brittany is a chance to work directly with Brittany in a virtual classroom setting. Here you will get to hear directly from the author and ask all of your burning questions.

Studying with Brittany is the beginning of you reclaiming the heart in your classroom, as well as your own heart for teaching. You do not have to choose between joy and achievement when you are teaching your students. You can have all of it! Taking a course with Brittany will be the beginning of your renewed love affair with education.


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