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-Lynn Blodgett, Assistant Principal, FCUSD

"Brittany Cufaude has a wild spirit that is a marvel to behold. She is creative, fearless, wise, and tenacious. Brittany taught me how to be a collaborative partner and how to use both passion and hard work to do what is right for students and teachers. I will also call her a visionary: she has always been ahead of the rest us in seeing what needs to be done."

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Brittany Cufaude,  has achieved her goals of breaking out of the confines of the classroom to become an expert in social justice education, literacy reform, professional development presentation, instruction and curriculum design, and effective program coordination and implementation. And through Joyful Classrooms, she continues to apply what she’s learned in life to help heal the professional needs of fellow teachers, despite continued unknowns as we all sift through this pandemic. 

“We cannot possibly predict what will happen next, but we can choose either anxiety or excitement about that,” she says. “If you combine perseverance and determination with a clear mission to help solve a very real problem for real people — you can achieve the things you want.”

In 2020, Brittany Cufaude authored a book called Lessons in Joy: The Journey to Save the Sacred Teaching Practice. In it, Brittany dives deeper into Joyful Classroom’s three core values and how teachers can apply her methods to create a compassionate community and cultivate continuous learning. Having written the book during the height of the pandemic, Brittany addresses many of the issues students and teachers will continue to face during the new normal.

To learn more about Brittany, check out her page. Brittany is happy to tell you more, just reach out to us! 

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