3 Resources to HEAL
Teacher Burnout

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What are these 3 critical resources?

1. Community

I spent years in utter teacher isolation. all It was terribly unhealthy for me, my students, and my loved ones. No one was benefitting from my aloneness. I want better for you! And, after all my years in leadership, I have created a place where teachers thrive! With the Joyful Teacher Community Membership, you get immediate and ongoing access to the Joyer Collaboration Hub. This is a private community forum to communicate and collaborate with fellow joyers. I just know that with ample support and a compassionate community, we all open the possibility for greater joy every day.

2. Wellness

It is critical that as educators we find peace in our lives daily. Thus, I partnered with a gifted mindfulness teacher to ensure you have the tools to balance the extraordinary demands of our work. The Mindfulness with Max Meditation teacher series is designed for you.  In these amazing sessions, you are invited to anchor or ground your awareness in something you can sense, the breath being the most common anchor. To find our more, become a member and follow Max on a truly healing journey! Your wellness means the world to me!

3. Prosperity

Another incredible perk of our FREE Joyful Teacher Community Membership is free access to the 10 Steps to a Lucrative and Passive Side-Hustle Course! A huge part of my story is about the struggle to survive as a single-mother and head of household on my teacher salary. A very long story short, I became the queen of passive income and side hustles. I did not have time for side-gigs, so I learned how to generate passive revenue streams. Now you can learn what I did over the past fifteen years! And let me tell you, I take summers all the way off because I want to and because I can afford to!

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Your membership includes a personal Joyer Account, access to our members-only collaboration hub, access to our members-only page, and access to our Joyers Basics course.

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Have we met? I am Brittany Cufaude, Founder of Joyful Classrooms.

Who is behind Joyful Classrooms, you might ask?

I am. My name is Brittany Ann Cufaude and I am a teacher, coach, and author. My mission is an ambitious one: to bring joy and equity to all children through devotion to continuous learning and a compassionate, supportive community. I do that each day by supporting teachers and all humans connected to schools in any form.

During my 15 years as a teacher, I have been blessed to teach in and visit countless teaching environments.  This includes teaching adult women and their children in women’s shelters as well as teaching high-school-aged moms in a nursery setting so they could nurse and care for their babies. I have taught children of all ages from TK through adult learning. I also teach in English and Spanish.

In recent years, and in some of my greatest acts of courage, I have spent years teaching other educators what is at the core of excellent and joyful teaching. This is precisely how Joyful Classroom was born. I created Joyful Classrooms from pure passion, hard work, and an utter love for teaching, learning, and generally making the world a better place one classroom at a time.

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Want some other incredible next steps?

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First of all, we invite you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Then, you should join our Facebook group, and make sure you are on the list to receive all the news, tips, events, updates, freebies, and more, that we prepare for you regularly.

Step 2: Read My “Lessons in Joy” Book

Next, you should take the time to read our founder Brittany’s wonderful “Lessons in Joy.” This newly-launched book contains all the secrets to bringing joy back into your classroom (and your life) and is free with most memberships.

Step 3: Discover the Joyer Core Values

Authentically connected, learning obsesses, team interdependent: how does that sound for a set of values? We think they’re all pretty great and are sure that you will love to embrace them, too, during your joyful journey and beyond.

Step 4: Continue on Your Joyful Journey

Most members are so happy with how Joyful Classrooms has changed their lives that they soon come back looking for more opportunities to grow. If this is you, I’ve got you! I have two more exciting membership programs, our Elite Vendor and Verified Vendor, which enable you to take further steps on an exciting and prosperous journey.

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What Is a Joyful Classroom?

“Joyful classrooms” is not simply our brand name: it’s the value that stands at the very heart of what we do.

A joyful classroom is much more than just a physical space: it’s the opportunity to build authentic, positive connections with anyone who enters our practice. It is the ability to bring out and enhance the best and most unique aspects of an individual through an effective and joyful teaching approach.

This is an approach that encompasses your students, your co-workers, and, of course, the relationship you have with yourself. 

Your first step to injecting joy into every aspect of your teaching practice is to join Joyful Teacher Community today.


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