The Reading Wars And The Science Of Reading

The Reading Wars And The Science Of Reading What you need to know and how it impacts readers, classrooms, and leadership. Here we go again, right?  Reading research has been at the forefront of educational “battles” for close to 100 years.  So what is different now? Why does the battle wage on? In 2019 Reading data highlighted […]

Effective and Explicit Vocabulary Instruction

Effective and Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Image

Vocabulary acquisition is one of the most critical aspects of literacy; one of the defining characteristics of great readers and writers is a vast lexicon. This document contains the pillars of highly effective and explicit vocabulary instruction so that teachers can foster word knowledge gains, accelerate students’ reading growth, and increase students’ agency in reading, writing, and academics in general.

Student Accountable Talk and Academic Conversations

Student Accountable Talk and Academic Conversations

Effective and accountable student talk is arguably the most precious aspect of reading and writing development.  And yet, if we were to measure the ratio of teacher talk to student talk in our classroom, we would very likely find that we, the teacher, talk more than the students.  Or, in the cases where students may be talking more, we might also find that this discussion is less accountable, may not require the use of high-utility academic language, or may not effectively support high levels of language learning and cognitive processing.  In their white paper: “Teaching for Rigor: A Call for a Critical Instructional Shift,” Robert Marzano and Michael Toth underscore a crucial shift most teachers will need to make to effectuate wide-spread increases in student achievement: students must work harder than teachers. Additionally, students need to engage in far more effective and accountable academic discourse.  We need to subvert the ratio wherein teacher talk minutes outweigh student talk minutes. And, we need support in how to make student talk minutes worth the time and effort.