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Episode 1 – Dr. Timothy Odegard Demystifies Dyslexi‪a

Opening the Door with Joyful Classrooms
Opening the Door with Joyful Classrooms
Episode 1 - Dr. Timothy Odegard Demystifies Dyslexi‪a

In this episode, I had the great honor to speak with Dr. Timothy Odegard regarding the subject of his work in the field of cognitive neuroscience and we took a specific look at the characteristics of dyslexia. Dr. Odegard holds a Chair of Excellence in the field of dyslexia, he is a faculty member at Middle Tennessee State University and researcher at the Tennessee Center for Study & Treatment of Dyslexia.

My discussion with Dr. Odegard reminded me of how highly intellectual great teaching is, how imperative it is to remain informed by the current research and learning science, but also how much compassion, love, and sensitivity teachers and parents need when supporting students who struggle.

Tim takes us deep into the brain and the neurology of learning nuances, how teachers and parents can and should respond when reading difficulties emerge; however, the backdrop is his message is one of perseverance. And I feel Dr. Odegard spotlights the importance of trusting that every child is on his or her own path and that we can be powerful shepherds in their unique journeys. And that if we do so effectively, we must trust deeply in the unbelievable endurance of the human spirit to our ability to overcome what, to some, may seem impossible.


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