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Joyful Classrooms: Multi-Vendor Site for Expert Teachers to Begin Lucrative Side-Hustle

Thalia Malcolm

Thalia Malcolm

Hello my name is Thalia, an aspiring actor, writer, and philanthropist. I am a huge film buff and love baking and eating spicy foods. I aspire to visit every country in the world and document each experience. Welcome to the blog!

Are you a teacher in need of a team? Do you feel overworked and underpaid? Well, have no fear. Joyful Classrooms is here to help you make the most out of the teaching practice.

Here at Joyful Classrooms, we support high-impact and effective teaching through content creation, courses, practical information, and support. Become a vendor, create and sell content to other teachers, and maximize your side-hustle potential! Begin your Joyer Journey today!

Share Your Gifts of Teaching

At Joyful Classrooms, we are all teachers with a passion for quality education. We believe in bringing joy and equity to all children through compassionate and inspired teaching. We understand the importance of support in our individual teaching journeys. That’s why Brittany Cufade and her team have created Joyful Classrooms.

Our site is packed full of invaluable information for teachers, with a range of courses open to members and opportunities to create a lucrative side-hustle selling educational content to other teaching community members. Our core values at Joyful Classrooms are team interdependence, authentic connections, and learning obsessed.

We believe in the power of quality teaching and love to embrace interdependence to improve our students’ experiences. By becoming a vendor on Joyful Classrooms, you can create and sell your education content for the highest commission around. Together, we can improve ourselves, our course content, and our students’ education experiences.

The Joyer Journey has begun. Together, let’s create a joyful and effective teaching practice!

Become a Vendor & Earn Cash!

Do you thrive when it comes to creating amazing lesson plans, modules, and courses? Are you passionate about creating educational content that is rich and engaging? If so, you have found the perfect home to promote and sell your content.

Joyful Classrooms is all about sharing information to become better educators for our students. On our site, we support you to become a vendor and maximize your side-hustle potential. You will establish the potential for adding thousands of dollars in passive income, continually supported by the wider Joyer Community and us.

To maximize your potential for earning cash by selling your educational content, we have established various courses and support forums. Our courses are designed to improve your teaching ability, offering practical information, course templates, mindfulness, and so much more.

Become part of the Joyer Community today and start your new side-hustle by selling your amazing educational content.

Learn About Our Courses

We believe in supporting and nurturing great teachers. Each of our unique courses is designed to maximize both your teaching and content creation abilities. Through our Joyers’ Side-Hustle Course, our Joyers Basic Course, and our Monthly Live Coaching Cohort Sessions, we will learn everything you need to know about becoming a better-resourced teacher and creating valuable (and profitable) educational content.

Side-Hustle Course

This course is packed with incredible resources, business quick-tips, social media marketing tutorials, content writing do’s and don’ts, and far more. Following completion of this course, you will be fully prepared to start the lucrative side hustle that has the potential to earn you thousands of dollars.

Here, Brittany Cufaude takes you on a step-by-step journey to leverage your purpose and gifts into your teaching ability. This course includes cutting-edge digital and social marketing tips, design tutorials, and the option to become a Joyful Classrooms Certified Contributor. If you are looking for educational joy and financial freedom, then this is the course for you.

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Joyers Basics Course

This is a free, self-paced course that you can learn in your own time and at your own pace. Full of incredible wisdom and resources, it is the perfect companion to Brittany’s book, Lessons in Joy: The Journey to Save Our Sacred Teaching Practice and Heal Our Hearts along the Way.

This course takes you through every aspect of the Joyer core values. By embodying these values, teachers can find greater joy in their work and have a more profound impact on their students.

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Monthly Live Coaching Cohort Sessions With Brittany

With more than 15 years of teaching experience, Brittany Cufaude has taught children and adults of every age. Her approach to quality teaching is grounded in empathy, compassion, inspiration, and preparation. These bespoke monthly live coaching sessions are designed to impart first-hand experience from a teaching expert.

As a teacher, author, and coach, Brittany has worked with fellow teachers in various capacities, helping them tailor their teaching approach to improve their students’ overall experience. These coaching sessions are available twice monthly: on the third Saturdays (late morning) and second Thursdays (afternoon) of each month.

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Membership Levels

Becoming a member at Joyful Classrooms and joining the Joyer Community is the first step towards becoming a better teacher and creating amazing educational content. See below for a full breakdown of our membership options.


The Mentee program is completely free and offers access to our amazing community, along with a host of great perks. As well as daily support from experts and networking opportunities with other Joyers, you will have access to the members’ only blog and the Joyers Basics Course.

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Elite Vendor

Maximize your earning potential with the elite vendor course! In addition to the above benefits, you’ll get access to social media and marketing support, free course templates, and mindfulness with Max Full-Access.

The Elite Vendor membership also comes with a free Canva account, a free signed copy of Lessons In Joy, free Coach Training-of-Trainers, a free LMS account, a verified vendor account, 90% commission on all sales access, all customer details, and reporting.

But that’s that all. You’ll also get free access to our Verified Contributor Side Hustle Course, free live Monthly Coaching with Brittany, Mastermind Leadership Training, and free Mastermind Group access.

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Verified Vendor

Along with huge earning potential, this membership level comes with site-wide discounts and the opportunity to become a paid coach. The Verified Vendor membership offers an 80% commission of all sales and a wide range of great features to help you maximize your teaching ability and content creation opportunities.

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Take the Full Joyer Journey!

The Joyer Journey is a six-step path to becoming a better teacher and establishing a lucrative side-hustle. To begin the Joyer Journey, join our active and support social media channels. The Joyer Facebook Support Group is the place to find updates, events, freebies, and so much more. In addition, make sure to follow our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok accounts.

The next step is to read Lessons in Joy: The Journey to Save Our Sacred Teaching Practice and Heal Our Hearts along the Way, the incredible new book from our founder Brittany Cufade. Free with most membership levels, it has been officially launched on May 1st. In addition to learning about the Joyer Journey Core Values, this book will teach you how to leverage your value as an educator.

Now it’s time to dig deeper into the Joyer Journey and learn about our Joyer Core Values. With step-by-step walk-throughs, you’ll learn how to become a joyful and highly effective educator.

Becoming a member is the best way to control your teaching and start earning potentially thousands of dollars as a vendor on our site. By becoming a member, you’ll get incredible support from Brittany and the community, site-wide discounts, and so much more.

To maximize your earning potential, enroll in our Side-Hustle Course. The weekly, live course with Brittany will help you embody the Joyer Core Values and choose your professional learning strand focus. With this course, you’ll be on your way to becoming a vendor and a Verified Joyful Classrooms Contributor.

Together, the Joyer Journey continues! By becoming a vendor, you’ll maximize your side-hustle potential and discover the tools to become a better educator for your students. You’ll receive support and guidance every step of the way.

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Own Your Purpose, Share Your Gift, and Earn With Joyful Classrooms

Here at Joyful Classrooms, we are ready to welcome you to our amazing community with open arms. We are a collective of teachers who are passionate about education and continual improvement. We are a growing community ready to share amazing content, ideas, and support — become part of the Joyer Community today!

We are the perfect place for you to own your purpose and share your gifts. Throughout the site, you can learn how to create and sell creative content. With up to 90% commission, you stand to earn thousands of dollars as a vendor potentially. Every step of your journey, you can rely on the support and guidance of Brittany and your fellow community.

Check out our site to see what membership level best fits your needs. And follow us on our socials to keep up with us, you never know we might have a giveaway!


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