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Weekly Desk Calendar Planners


Do you often find yourself forgetting important deadlines? Lose track of what day it is? Do you feel like you can never get anything done? Well, we have the solution for you! Introducing our amazing new weekly desk calendar planners for teachers!

With these nifty little calendars, you can finally keep track of all your important dates and tasks. Simply write down everything you need to do for the week on the corresponding days, and voila! You’ll never miss a deadline or appointment again.

Calendars can be so boring, am I right? You flip to a new month and it’s the same old thing. But not with our weekly desk calendar planners! This is the calendar that will finally help you stay organized and on top of things.

Plus, not only are they super helpful for keeping you organized, but they also come in 12 different layouts and colors for every month. These unique and practical calendars are sure to be a hit with anyone who likes to stay on top of things.

This calendar is a weekly calendar, with spaces for each day, self-care, student to-do’s, classroom to-do’s, and notes for the week. What more could you want? Get your Weekly Desk Calendar Planners today!