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The Lessons in Joy Bundle


Looking for a little extra joy in your life? Look no further than the Lessons in Joy Bundle! This amazing deal comes with it all! Including a signed paperback copy of Lessons in Joy, the adorable Proud Joyer Tote, the Stainless Steel Letting the Joy in Travel Mug, the Proud Joyer Jotter Pad, and Matching Pen, and 5 Customised Joyful Classrooms Flair Pens. All for a pre-launch sale price.

Lessons in Joy is a book designed with love by Brittany Ann Cufaude to help you find more joy in your life. The book is packed with tips, tricks, and activities to help you let joy into your life.

The Proud Joyer Tote is an ideal choice for carrying your copy of Lessons in Joy, as well as other objects that bring you joy. Plus, its light and sturdy design make it a great companion for any joyful journey. Additionally, the Stainless Steel Letting the Joy in Travel Mug is great for anyone on the go. Lastly, the Proud Joyer Jotter Pad and Matching Pen are perfect for jotting down all your joyful thoughts and musings. The 5 Customized Joyful Classrooms Flair Pens come in five different colors.

Colors include light blue, light green, teal, lavender, and fuchsia

Get the Lessons in Joy Bundle today and start living a happier, more joyful life!

Lessons in Joy Signed Paperback Copy

In 2020, Brittany wrote Lessons in Joy, a book that offers simple solutions to very complex issues. She wrote this book to help her beloved teachers and colleagues orient themselves in relation to their calling, build authentic connections with their students and colleagues, remain curious and compassionate in their practice, and implement the highest impact best-practices.

Travel Mug - Letting the Joy in

Drink your coffee on the go with ease, joy, and beauty with this 12 oz. stainless steel travel mug. A joyful way to enjoy any hot beverage during your morning commute and throughout your day. This mug features double-wall thermal plastic insulation, a black plastic top, a ridged bottom design and a gripping handle. Customized with our logo and joyful messaging. A gentle reminder to let the joy in, one day at a time.

Tote Bag - Letting the Joy In

Rock our, "Letting the Joy in, One Day at a Time," Jumbo Grocery Tote Bag w/ Lightweight 7 oz. Canvas. These sturdy tote bags measures 20"W X 15"H X 5" and come in Natural. Made of 100% canvas material, this lightweight bag weighs 7 oz. We all know a teacher can never have too many totes!

Jotter and Matching Pen

Jot down your next perfect plan or inspiration with this lovely mini jotter and matching pen! This trendy notepad features a hardcover with a dot design and comes with a paper pen. It has 50 sheets of lined paper and is equipped with an elastic closure for safekeeping. Customized with our proud Joyer art, these are a Joyer must-have!