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Social Emotional Check In Freebie


Starting your day off on the right foot is key to having a productive day. But sometimes, it’s hard to know how our students are feeling. That’s where the Social Emotional Check In Freebie comes in!

With this helpful tool, teachers can quickly get a gauge on how their students are feeling before diving into lessons. Whether it’s a student who needs a little emotional regulation during lessons, or any other student in your class, this freebie can help!

So don’t start your day off without the Social Emotional Check In Freebie! It’s sure to help make your lessons more productive – and more importantly, more fun!

Emotional learning is beneficial for students. It allows them to check in with themselves, both emotionally and mentally, and understand how they are feeling. This can help them manage their emotions better and deal with stress in a more positive way. Additionally, it can help them build resilience, which is an important life skill.

Product Social Emotional Freebie is brought to you by Joyful Classrooms, a marketplace for teacher resources created by teachers, for teachers. At Joyful Classrooms, we know that every teacher deserves access to high-quality resources that help make teaching more joyful. That’s why we’re excited to offer Product Social Emotional Freebie as a free resource for teachers.