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Lessons in Joy Signed Paperback Copy


In this Lessons in Joy Signed Paperback Book, pioneering educator Brittany Ann Cufaude reveals the most effective methods for putting us back in touch with what is at the heart of joyful and highly-effective teaching and leadership. These methods can be used by anyone, any time, anywhere no matter where one is in the practice. Drawing on stories from her own practice, she sheds light on three core values: authentic connection; learning obsession, and team interdependence. As she unpacks the wisdom within each of these core values, she leads readers through a journey that holds the power to restore or invigorate a joyful and highly-effective practice.

Brittany is devoted to teacher hearts, their healing, and the well-being of anyone connected to schools in any form. As a result,  Lessons in Joy Book offers simple solutions to very complex issues. Altogether, It helps you orient yourself in a relationship to your calling and learn to build authentic connections with your students and colleagues. Consequently, keeping you curious and compassionate in your practice while implementing the highest impact best practices. Undeniably, Lesson in Joy gently supports you in opening up your heart, rolling up your sleeves, and partnering with a compassionate community to better serve the children whose lives depend on it. Get your Lessons in Joy Signed Paperback today!