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Requirements for Life- Habitable Planets Project


Welcome to the Requirements for Life – Habitable Planets Project! Students will explore the conditions necessary for life to be present here on Earth. They will consider all factors such as the presence of water, oxygen, and habitable temperatures. Lastly, students will gain a better appreciation for the unique conditions that make our planet hospitable for human life.

This is a project designed to help students critically think about what planets must have to be able to sustain human life. First, Students are assigned a planet. There are 7 planet profiles included. Secondly, they will make a presentation for NASA engineers, doctors, and farmers to advise them on what they could do to make the planet survivable for human life.

Altogether, this project is perfect for teachers teaching their students about astrobiology, and planetary science, or simply teaching about the fascinating subject of habitability. Thank you for choosing the Requirements for Life – Habitable Planets Project.

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