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Grade 2 NGSS-Aligned Notebook Inserts


Looking for a way to get your second-grade students excited about science? Look no further than our Grade 2 NGSS-Aligned Notebook Inserts! These inserts are designed to be used in a composition notebook, with pages between sections, to organize their Notebook for the year.

There are three variations for each notebook: 1) Notebook inserts with word-only tabs; 2) Notebook inserts with word and picture tabs; 3) Notebook inserts with picture-only tabs. So whether your students are visual or auditory learners or a little bit of both, we have you covered!

Not only will your students be better organized, but they’ll also be engaged and have fun while learning important science concepts. And with three different variations to choose from, you can pick the perfect option for your little learner. So why not give our Grade 2 NGSS-Aligned Notebook Inserts a try? After all, a neat and organized notebook is the first step to successful science learning! Plus, our notebook inserts are a great way to introduce NGSS standards-based learning in your classroom. So why not give them a try today? You and your students will be glad you did!

Tubesock Dances has created multiple resources for teachers and parents to help keep their kids organized during the school year. By using these tools, teachers and parents can help kids stay on track throughout the school year.

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