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Football Review, 8th Grade Test & Answer Key, 7th Grade Test & Answer Key


Attached is a Football review/test/answer key

  1. Football 2 page review – Includes a History, rules/objective (field, scoring, play), Positions on offense and defense as well as a description of their role on the field, picture diagram of offense and defense at the line of scrimmage, 8 running pass patterns. 
  2. 8th Grade Football Test – 3 T/F, 4 Multiple Choice, 8 Labeling the positions, 3 labeling passing routes, 1 Extra credit question
  3. 8th Grade Football Answer Key
  4. 7th Grade Football Test – 3 T/F, 3 Multiple Choice, 3 Labeling Positions
  5. 7th Grade Football Answer Key

Purchase includes: PDF versions of all items

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