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Drug Brochure Assignment w/ linked resources, brochure outline & rubric


Drug Brochure w/ Rubric

Students will create a handwritten brochure about an assigned drug.

The download includes:

  • Drug assignments based on students’ last name
  • Web resources with links to various sites
  • Brochure directions per section with picture example
  • Grading rubric out of 28 points
  • Printable version of the rubric (3 per page)

This can be posted online for the students or printed on paper to outline the drug brochure expectations for each section. The download also includes a rubric that can be printed and cut in thirds for individual grading purposes.

I like having the kids place the information in specific sections in the brochure because it makes it much easier when grading to ensure they include all the necessary information.

Purchase includes: PDF versions of all items

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