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Disease Project Presentation w/ criteria & rubric


Disease Project Assignment

Looking for an interesting and engaging way to learn about diseases? Look no further than the Disease Project Assignment! With this fun and informative research project, students choose a communicable or non-communicable disease to focus on and complete a presentation on their findings. There are 5 different options to choose from for the presentation, so students can really get creative and show off their knowledge in a way that suits their strengths. The included grading rubric ensures that all presentations are comprehensive and well-executed. This is a great learning tool for both students and teachers alike.

The disease project is a great way for teachers to teach about diseases. It will help students to learn about the symptoms, treatment, and prevention of various diseases. It will also teach them how diseases can spread.

PE and Health 101 have created a variety of resources for teachers to use in their classrooms, including lesson plans, activities, and assessment tools. These resources cover topics such as nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. The initiative’s lesson plans and activities are designed to get students moving and engaged in their learning. By getting students involved in their own learning, PE and Health 101 hope to increase their interest in and knowledge about physical activity and health.

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