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Curriculum Building Coaching Session


Welcome to the Curriculum Building Coaching Session! This is your chance to get help from a certified professional in curriculum and instruction. Lucy has her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching, and she is ready to help you level up your curriculum, lesson plans, student goals, and more. With this coaching session, you will get personalized attention and support to help you achieve your educational goals. Purchase now and Lucy will email you to book a session.

Do you need help with your curriculum? Are you having trouble creating student-centered goals and lessons? Lucy can help you! She is a certified teacher and instructional coach who specializes in helping teachers create meaningful, impactful lessons. Lucy will work with you one-on-one via Zoom to help you achieve all your goals.

This coaching session is perfect for those who want to improve their curriculum and instruction. Lucy will help you develop goals for your students, create better lesson plans, and select the right materials to use in your classroom. With her expertise, you will be able to build a curriculum that meets the needs of your students and helps them achieve success in school. Thanks for choosing the Curriculum Building Coaching Session!

We are lucky to have Lucy’s expertise at Joyful Classrooms!