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Basketball Review, 7th and 8th Grade Test & Answer Key


Looking to test your student’s knowledge of basketball? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun and engaging review activity? Look no further than our Basketball Review, 7th and 8th Grade Test & Answer Key! This comprehensive resource includes a review of the history and key concepts of basketball, as well as a practice test with an answer key. So whether your child is playing for fun or aiming to take their game to the next level, this review and test package is a slam dunk! So why wait? Get your hands on our Basketball Review, 7th and 8th Grade Test & Answer Key today!

Basketball 2-page review – Includes a History, basketball facts, points/scoring, skills with cues (dribbling, shooting, pivoting, and passing), and officiating (fouls and violations).
8th Grade Basketball Test – 4 T/F, 6 Multiple Choice, 2 open response questions, 2 Extra credit questions
8th Grade Basketball Answer Key
7th Grade Basketball – 5 T/F, 4 Multiple Choice, 1 Extra credit question
7th Grade Basketball Answer Key
Purchase includes: PDF versions of all items

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