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ALL IN 1 Interactive Engineering Notebook - PLTW, CTE, STEM, DESIGN PROCESS


Looking for a way to engage your students in engineering? Look no further than the ALL IN 1 Interactive Engineering Notebook! This notebook includes gridded paper, isometric paper, multiview paper, and notebook paper, all to scale – perfect for distant, virtual, asynchronous learning. Plus, the engaging and witty tone of voice will keep your students entertained while they learn. So what are you waiting for? Get your students started on the path to success with the ALL IN 1 Interactive Engineering Notebook today!

If you’re a teacher or parent wanting to help your kids learn about engineering, then this Interactive Engineering Notebook is perfect for you! This product is packed with lessons and activities that will engage and entertain your students while they learn about engineering concepts. This is recommended for grade levels 3rd-12th with over 30 slides for them to explore. Order yours today! Your students will love learning about engineering concepts with this interactive notebook! The lessons and activities are engaging and entertaining, and they’ll be able to explore over 30 slides. This is a great way for your kids to learn about engineering concepts in a fun and interactive way! Order yours today!

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