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1: 35% Commission on ALL Sales
2: Zero Hidden Fees
3: Amazing Community & Networking

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1: 35% Commission on ALL Sales:

This truly speaks for itself. As a teacher and single mother, I built this platform for you. I mapped out my overhead and kept a lean business model. I did that for you. I want you to earn the most! This is plain and simple. No hidden fees! I want you to earn what you have worked so hard for. Period. Normally, our vendor packages costs hundreds of dollars. Not today! So, definitely do not miss the opportunity to join for free. 

2: Zero Hidden Fees:

If you read the fine print on any other multi-vendor site, you will see that there are so many hidden or additional fees. This drives me nuts! I want your hard work to pay off! I also want this to be simple, easy, and straightforward. Therefore, you will find that as a Joyful Vendor, your earnings are crystal clear! 

3: Amazing Community & Networking:

We have an amazing community. As a Joyful Vendor, you are joining a community of excellence. Because you are automatically added to our Joyful Community Membership, you will get immediate access to our exclusive Collaboration Hub. The benefits are amazing!3


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Who is behind Joyful Classrooms, you might ask?

I am. My name is Brittany Ann Cufaude and I am a teacher, coach, and author. My mission is an ambitious one: to bring joy and equity to all children through devotion to continuous learning and a compassionate, supportive community. I do that each day by supporting teachers and all humans connected to schools in any form.

During my 15 years as a teacher, I have been blessed to teach in and visit countless teaching environments.  This includes teaching adult women and their children in women’s shelters as well as teaching high-school-aged moms in a nursery setting so they could nurse and care for their babies. I have taught children of all ages from TK through adult learning. I also teach in English and Spanish.

In recent years, and in some of my greatest acts of courage, I have spent years teaching other educators what is at the core of excellent and joyful teaching. This is precisely how Joyful Classroom was born. I created Joyful Classrooms from pure passion, hard work, and an utter love for teaching, learning, and generally making the world a better place one classroom at a time.

[Find Out More About Me]

fall in love with our Benefits

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Amazing Earning Potential

Joyer Affiliates can end up earning thousands of dollars in passive income while remaining fully supported by our amazing community and us. Continue to spread joyful and effective teaching practices everywhere you work, and make the best money of your life!

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Flat Commission Rates

We keep it so simple. Each vendor level comes with a flat commission rate. There are no hidden fees just earning!​

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Amazing Business & Networking Opportunities

As a Joyer Affiliate, your adventure has only just begun: get ready to explore the earning potential that this opportunity has in store for you.

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Community Building

We have an amazing community. As a Joyer Affiliate, you are joining a community of excellence. The benefits are amazing!

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Building Your Very Own Joyful Career

We know you aren’t here by mistake; you are here because you are ready for more and I am here to help get you what you deserve! 

Our Vendor membership is your unique, unmissable opportunity to thrive and succeed. This starts with YOU.

Need more inspiration to take the next step? Check out Brittany’s interview with Authority Magazine on how she took the next steps to reinvent herself in the second chapter of her life. 

What are some amazing next steps i can take?

Ready to join in on the joy (excuse the pun!)? Great! Read below to find out how you can become a Mentee today.

Step 1: Join Us on Our Social Channels

First of all, we invite you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. Then, you should join our Facebook group, and make sure you are on the list to receive all the news, tips, events, updates, freebies, and more, that we prepare for you regularly.

Step 2: Read My “Lessons in Joy” Book

Next, you should take the time to read our founder Brittany’s wonderful “Lessons in Joy.” This newly-launched book contains all the secrets to bringing joy back into your classroom (and your life) and is free with most memberships.

Step 3: Discover the Joyful Core Values

Authentically connected, learning obsesses, team interdependent: how does that sound for a set of values? We think they’re all pretty great and are sure that you will love to embrace them, too, during your joyful journey and beyond.

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