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What is the Best Part of Joyful Classrooms Marketplace? There’s Something for Everyone!

Brittany Cufaude

Brittany Cufaude

Happy Holidays!

If you’re like me you have been working to navigate your way through the illnesses of this season. But we are looking forward to a wonderful holiday, and introducing you to more great things from Joyful Classrooms!

We have so many exciting things happening in the Joyful Classrooms Marketplace that I want to share with you!

Did you know our Marketplace is flourishing? This is truly your one-stop shop for downloads for teachers, parents, those teaching summer school, and more. We are ready to help you take your teacher side hustle to the next step by providing an exceptional platform for downloadable teacher resources, with our outstanding commission system.

Joyful Classrooms Marketplace is where teachers can find great side hustles, lesson planning, and other classroom activities. With access to free teaching resources, teachers can earn extra money with ease in their own time. All of our background checks are completed so that you can feel safe while searching for side jobs for teachers. Plus, with our social media platform, we provide the extra support you need to get your products seen.

The Joyful Classrooms Marketplace is perfect for showcasing your talents as a teacher creator. Teachers plan and create hundreds of lesson plans each school year. Turn those lessons into a passive income! You’ve already created the classroom activities, now it’s time to turn them into some extra cash!

This lucrative side hustle doesn’t just allow you to earn extra money, it also is a full catalog of highly effective resources that you can purchase as well. Support your fellow teacher!

What else? You make more money selling your resources on our Marketplace versus on Teachers Pay Teachers. We want you to be able to monetize your hard work and earn extra money for yourself.

You can do this full-time, or as a side job, the possibilities are endless for the Joyful Classrooms Marketplace.

Not interested in selling your materials? No problem! Shop from tons of downloadable teaching resources right at your fingertips.

Such as any of the expert lessons from Math is Not a Four Letter Word! 

PE and Health 101 has everything you need for, you guessed it, PE and Health! 

Interested in opening your own side hustle storefront?

Check out our Vendor Packages Here.

No matter what kind of hustles for teachers you are looking for, Joyful Classrooms Marketplace has something to offer. Our marketplace is designed with teachers and students in mind so that everyone can benefit from the available resources.

Start your journey with us today and make the most of your teaching skills! We are always ready to answer your questions!

Warm Winter Wishes!



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