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An Inside Look into the Joyful Classrooms Team

Brittany Cufaude

Brittany Cufaude

Hello Joyers!

My name is Hilary Reid. Welcome to Joyful Insights! I am your resident blogger for Joyful Classrooms.

A little about myself: I am married and have 2 beautiful little girls. I have been in the education field for nearly 10 years. I, like many of you, have been struggling since the Covid pandemic hit. In-person teaching, remote teaching, and more than once, hybrid teaching. It was a lot of adjustment that most people are not prepared for, and it has lasted far longer than anyone thought it would.

I started to start looking for something more. I didn’t know what. But I knew that teaching was hard and I knew that it was not going to get easier anytime soon.

Eventually, through a whole series of Serendipitous events, I was introduced to Brittany Cufaude, the beautiful creator of Joyful Classrooms. She helped me to start my journey to become an Elite Vendor and use my talents and passions to create for other teachers. While being a vendor was all I dreamed of and more, the more we talked and worked together, the more we felt I was destined for bigger and better things within the Joyful Classrooms Community!

So, here I am, blogging and helping all of you to understand and navigate Joyful Classrooms and all that it has to offer. We will be going through a great journey together, and trust me when I say you don’t want to miss a thing! Maximizing earning potential, and getting every teacher into a place where they feel their gifts, passion, and talents are being well utilized is what we are all here to help you with.

So, with that, WELCOME! I look forward to having more keyboard chats with you all. Check back soon!

Canva Pro Account Blog Post – Verified and Elite Package

Somewhere along the way, teacher creators needed to become graphic designers. If we had an amazing lesson we did in class that we wanted to share, we had to make it appealing to the eye, completely engaging, and filled with colors and cute fonts.

It can get daunting trying to figure it all out. I knew I needed some help, and I found it immediately with Canva.

Have you ever heard of Canva? This program helps you design your products and covers without the need for a degree in computer graphics and design. You can use the templates that are provided or create your own. There are designs for Facebook posts, Instagram posts, stories, pamphlets, presentations, etc. You can also create interactive materials.

Did you know that this account is FREE when you become a Verified or Elite Vendor? Brittany makes sure you have everything you need to succeed in your Joyer Journey. Including one-on-one meetings with the brilliant design and marketing team of Pascal and Alyssa.

Both of these beautiful ladies make you feel like a friend the second you meet them. They work with you to develop your brand, show you around Canva, Joyful Classrooms, and come up with a plan to market you, your store, and your brand. They help you develop a logo, and a store name, and narrow down your fonts, and colors so everyone visiting your store know IMMEDIATELY that those products are yours!

Canva Pro would normally cost you $9.99 per month, but becoming a Verified or Elite Vendor invites you to the Canva Pro account for Joyful Classrooms. That’s $120 per year, included for FREE with your Package! In joining these Joyer programs, you also get the Joyful Classroom logos to add you anything you want or to use for advertising your material on your social media platforms.

Canva Pro features the most fonts, colors, backgrounds, pictures, templates, and just STUFF! You have the full catalog of resources at your fingertips. That alone is worth the price of admission!

If you are on the fence about a Verified or Elite Package, I hope the promise of Canva Pro helped you make an amazing decision.

Until next time!



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