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Hi! I am the founder of Joyful Classrooms, Brittany Cufaude. I am also known as a teacher, coach, and author. I created Joyful Classrooms Marketplace to bring joy and equity to all children through devotion to continuous learning and a compassionate community.

I have been a teacher for over fifteen years. During this time, I’ve taught adult women and their children in a women’s shelter, high-school-aged mothers who had a place to nurse and play with their babies while they attended classes on their primary high school campus. I have also taught kinder friends, high schoolers, and generally children of all ages. I’ve taught in English and in Spanish. I spent most consecutive years teaching as an intensive reading interventionist at a middle school. And, in some of my greatest acts of courage, I have spent years teaching other teachers effective teaching strategies. I can’t imagine a place I love more than the classroom (other than anywhere with my son and dog).
According to my family and dearest friends, I am built of compassion, kindness, and courage. They describe me as a lover without limit, a candle in the soul of those she loves. They say I am steadfast and reliable in showing up again and again for those she loves. They agree that resilience and dedication are my superpowers. I am also known for my stubborn will to see all people’s beauty and find hope in the world.
In recent years, and in some of my greatest acts of courage, I have spent years teaching other educators what is at the core of excellent and joyful teaching. This is precisely how Joyful Classroom was born. I created Joyful Classrooms from pure passion, hard work, and utter love for teaching, learning, and generally making the world a better place one classroom at a time.my
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I focus my teaching and coaching practice on working with underserved populations and effectuating social justice in whatever ways I can. I adore children (big and small) and teachers and have devoted my life to improving outcomes for all humans who are connected to schools in any form. Click here to see some of the recent media coverage of me and how I continue to apply what I’ve learned in life to help heal the professional needs of fellow teachers.

I specialize in school improvement and literacy consulting. The defining characteristic of my work in education has been a steadfast commitment to achieving equity in education and closing the achievement gap. I taught and worked in district leadership in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District (FCUSD). I devoted my teaching experience to Title 1 schools where I developed and coordinated reading and ELD interventions, focusing on K-12 programs and collaborations, the CCSS and ELA/ELD Framework roll-outs, and building healthy school cultures through the PLC process. My experience includes designing a district-wide literacy reform, establishing the district MTSS plan for ELA, and directing the 2014-2015 ELA program pilots and adoptions. I also spearheaded an ELD and reading intervention initiative aimed at closing the profound reading and language gaps across the district, including in special education.

about Brittany Cufaude
In 2016, I left FCUSD to work with Benchmark Education as a national literacy consultant. In this capacity, I supported teachers and leaders in their effort to gain insight into their new ELA program and how it dovetails with the nation’s mission to foster both highly rigorous and also equity-based classrooms. Through this work, I recognized a need for connections between broader educational initiatives and the new programs, so I founded Joyful Classrooms to meet that objective. As founder of Joyful Classrooms, I devote my time to bringing joy and equity to all children through devotion to continuous learning & a compassionate community. Joyful Classrooms members trust and employ the methods I have set forth in order to foster and protect joyful and highly effective learning environments.

In 2019, I joined CALI Reads as a Northern California Regional Coach. In this capacity, I have supported districts by implementing high-impact literacy strategies with middle school students, with a focus on students with special needs.

In order to better understand how I have evolved as a teacher, mentor, and entrepreneur visit our membership page. We offer several options, for several budgets, to guide you on your journey toward a more rewarding teaching profession.

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