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Joyful Classrooms: 15 Essential Supplies for the Kindergarten Teacher

Hilary Reid

Hilary Reid

What Kindergarten Teachers NEED for their Classroom

Did you know that I student-taught Kindergarten? After a semester I realized that it takes the most special kind of person to shape and mold the youngest of minds year after year.

Having the right Kindergarten teacher supplies is so important for creating an inviting and effective learning environment. By having the right Kindergarten teacher supplies list on hand and Kindergarten resources, teachers can help engage their young students in the material and make the learning process more enjoyable.

I learned so much about what was necessary, and I learned from one of the best kindergarten teachers ever.



As I look back over my past lesson plans and talk with my Kindergarten friends, I have compiled this 15 Essential Supplies List! Tell me in the comments if you agree, and if you would add anything to my list.

  1. Name Labels. This seems silly, but you want your students to be able to recognize their name, where their cubby is, and their seat. In our schools name labels are also given to each new kinder for their bus lines, and to wear everyday to school for the first few weeks. These free name plates from Happy Hearts are perfect. Print them out, write out the names, laminate, and away you go! Click this link for these free printables! Student Name Labels Freebie >

  2. Calendar and carpet area. This is the perfect area where you do daily calendar, counting, and working on those important skills to prepare for 1st grade!
  3. Gallon Ziplocs. Let me explain. At the beginning of every year, the teacher I worked with would put together 5+ new student bags in case she got someone new. She would put blank name tags, one for each of the places that needs a label. She put in a blank clothespin that she used for her job board, a blank take home folder, and a blank icon cut out from whatever theme for the school year to add the student to the classroom door. Add anything else you use for your students so that if you get a new drop in then you can add them seamlessly.
  4. Shoe organizer. Use the shoe organizer for your students’ chargers, PE shoes, glue sticks, pencils, school supplies, etc. You can even use it for your own needs. Roll up your borders for bulletin boards and stick them inside.
  5. Hot glue gun, perfect for putting up posters on cinder blocks. Use a hair dryer to loosen it without damaging the paint.
  6. Dramatic play area. I know a lot of schools are shying away from this, but small minds learn through PLAY. They need to have free choice time to play with dolls, or cars. They love puzzles, legos, blocks, etc. Open up the play area!
  7. Small Group PlannerTeacher Planner. Whether you plan on paper or online, a good planner is essential for the school year. This is a great planner for small-group lessons and plans. Small groups are the way to go when it comes to Kindergarten. Small Group Planning Notebook >

  8. Pens! Pick your favorites, but get a bunch! I love super fine point Sharpies. Other teachers love Flair Pens. Pick your fave and get all the colors!
  9. Anchor Chart Pad. This is essential for sure. You will make charts all the time. It’s a great place for interaction, and can work really well to incorporate into circle time or morning meetings.
  10. Personal laminator. You may have a big one at school, but trust me, it’s 100% worth having a personal one.
  11. Clipboards. You can get them in bulk on Amazon, or make your own with stiff cardboard and binder clips. These are great for students to be able to go around the room to work.
  12. Manipulative Supply Boxes. Get the cheap plastic pencil boxes and fill with personal supplies of manipulatives. Playdough, counter blocks, tangrams, etc.
  13. 10-drawer rolling paper organizer. You can get these at local craft stores. I loved this for my AstroBrights paper supply.
  14. Cookie sheets. Make sure they are magnetic so they can be used for magnet letters and magnet numbers. This is great for small group spelling lessons, and reading practice.
  15. Read aloud in the library. Start your collection now! I always had boxes of books for various holidays, books for SEL (social-emotional learning), books about diversity, etc. Kids love story time! Look for detailed illustrations, rich vocabulary, and fun stories.

These classroom supplies are a great starter list for any aspiring Kindergarten teacher. Tell me below which is your favorite, or if you think I missed an essential!


With love, 



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